Brocka Weekend Special

Weekend Special

200g flame grilled ribs and wings

Brocka Thursday Special

Thursday Special

Buy 1 Get 1 free (Big Buns Only)

Brocka Wednesday Special

Wednesday Special

36 Prego tossed winglets

Brocka Monday Special

Monday Special

Double cheese burger + peri winglets

Brocka Tuesday Special

Tuesday Special

2 Brocka cheese burgers

Joe Mama

beef patties, smokey macon, egg, cheese & fresh Jalapeño sauce

Brocka Veteran Burger

Veteran Brothers

100% beef patty with a mushroom / Jalapeño sauc


Smokey brisket macon, Cheese and Sriracha Mayo

Brock Beef Sliders

Lil’ Beef (6)

Don't feed their appetite! - flame-grilled beef, cheese, mayo, onion rings & garlic butter

Brocka slider_Lil Chick

Lil’ Chick (6)

Feeling peckish? grilled chicken, cheese, mayo, onion rings & garlic butter

Brocka slider_Lil ribel

Lil’ Ribel (6)

Flame-grilled beef, cheese, mayo, onion rings & garlic butter

Brocka slider Lil Beef

Lil’ Beef (3)

Don't feed their appetite! - flame-grilled beef, cheese, mayo, onion rings & garlic butter

Brocka slider_Lil Chick

Lil’ Chick (3)

Feeling peckish? grilled chicken, cheese, mayo, onion rings & garlic butter

Brocka slider_Lil ribel

Lil’ Ribel (3)

Enough to fill the gap! - flame-grilled beef, cheese, mayo, onion rings & garlic butter

Brocka Cheese Burger

Playing it safe? - 100% beef patty with a slice of cheese

Brocka Mo Salah Burger


On the transfer market? Bonus add ons included! - 125g masala grilled rump, loaded with fries & masala sauce

Brocka Prawn Chick Burger

Prawn Chick

Best of both worlds? We went deep! - sriracha grilled prawn meat, BBQ grilled chicken, guacamole & Sriracha mayo

Brocka Fun Guy Burger

Fun Guy (V)

Yes, we know! We've got one for you too. Try our handcrafted mushroom patty, garlic mayo & onion rings

Brocka Ribelicious Burger


Going through Rib Life crises? - chunky rib meat, onion rings & mushroom sauce

Brocka Mexican Feast Burger

Mexican Fest

A little bit on the wild side? This one's for you! 100% beef patty, spicy poppers, Smokey Jalapeño sauce & avo

Brocka Mother Clucker Burger

Mother Clucker (Hot or Not)

Enjoy it simple but tasty! You have the hot or not option - crumbed chicken fillet, avo & mayo

Brocka Slaw Order Burger

Slaw & Order

It's the Southern-style crispy chicken buzz! - grilled bbq chicken fillets, coleslaw, garlic & coriander

Brocka Veteran Burger


The craving is Brocka, need to fill the gap? Settle for the satisfying 100% beef patty with a super cheesy sauce

Brocka Beast EPICBurger

The Beast

When beast mode kicks in! have the triple beef, triple cheese, onion rings, pickles, Jalapeño sauce & mayo

Brocka Doppel EPICBurger

Doppel Ganger

Aweh! - introducing the "Doppel Ganger" with 2 beef patties, double cheese, onion rings, pickles, mayo & Prego sauce

Brocka DaOutjie EPICBurger

Da Outjie

Be da Ou! - chicken strips, cheese, onion rings, mushroom sauce, mayo, smokey Jalapeño sauce & loaded with fries

Brocka MClucker EPIC Burger

Mofo Clucker

2 crumbed chicken breasts, double cheese, onion rings, pickles, avo, mayo & Prego sauce

Macho Nacho

Introducing the Mexican influenced Macho Nacho with 100% beef patty, guacamole, nachos, corn salsa & Prego sauce

John Lambo

Honey soy glazed chops, spring onion & mint served with fries & onion rings

Brocka Grills - Racked Stack

Racked ‘n Stacked

Where the wing goes, I follow! - flame-grilled ribs, winglets, onion rings & fries

Beef ‘n Reef

We get it! you prefer both. - Flame grilled T-bone, garlic prawn sauce, onion rings & fries

Sir Loin

Head of the table! take a seat. - sirloin, onion rings, fries, mushroom sauce & Prego sauce

Chop Norris

Skop skiet en honger! action-packed! - flame grilled chops, fries and onion rings - BBQ or masala

Brocka Grills - Double Trouble Ribs

Double Trouble (1KG)

Rib it in the bud! Go heavy or go home - double-stacked flame-grilled ribs with fries & onion rings - BBQ, Jalapeño or Peri-Peri sauce

Brocka Grills - Flamed Ribs

Flame-Grilled Ribs (500G)

Rib life crises? Leave the rest to us! - flame grilled ribs with fries and onion rings - BBQ, Jalapeño or Peri-Peri sauce

Brocka Grills - Lord of the wings

Lord Of The Wings

Blazing through a nightmare week? - 24 Prego tossed crumbed winglets


All you need to wing along is the fire in you! - flame grilled winglets with fries - BBQ, Jalapeño or Peri-Peri sauce

Cappuccino / Caffe latte

Served with marshmallows


500ml still/sparkling

Ginger Strawberry

Apple Fusion: passion fruit, lemon, honey, grenadine, mint leaves topped with Appletiser

Brocktail Strawberry

Strawberry Daiquiri

Nojito Mint

Pina Colada

Apple Fusion

Ginger Strawberry: a dash of ginger, strawberry purée topped with Appletiser.

Red latte / cappuccino


Ceylon tea, Rooibos


Served with marshmallows

Hot choc

Served with marshmallows


Americano, Flat white


Original, Hamilton, Mucho Loco


Passion or lime cordial topped with lemonade


Strawberry, Fruit Cocktail, Orange

Ice Tea

Lemon, Peach


Appletiser, Red Grapetiser


Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Cream Soda

Chocolate Fudge Pudding

Warm chocolate fudge pudding served with ice-cream

Rocky Road Brownie

Decadent chocolate brownie baked with marshmallows and nuts

Brocka Sugar Rush Waffle

Sugar Rush Waffle

Chocolate sauce, jelly beans & sprinkles

Brocka Oreo Choc Waffle

Oréo & Chocoliet Waffle

Crushed Oreo with chocolate sauce

Usual Suspect Waffle

Maple syrup, banana & crushed monkey nuts

Peppermint Decadent Waffle

Crushed peppermint, caramel sauce, peppermint sauce

Brocka Brocky Road Waffle

Brocky Road Waffle

Marshmallows, crushed monkey nuts, chocolate & caramel sauce

Caramel Craze Waffle

Caramel sauce, banana & caramel popcorn

Jalapeño Cheezy Loaded (V)

Fries loaded with cheese sauce - add jalapeños R10

Pop Wrecked (V)

Spicy poppers, cheese sauce, onion rings, Sriracha sauce

Chick Wrecked (V)

Crumbed chicken, Sriracha sauce, cheese sauce, onion rings & fresh jalapeños

Brocka Prawn Wrecked Fries

Prawn Wrecked

Sriracha grilled prawn meat with garlic sauce, onion rings, fresh jalapeño & Prego sauce

Brocka Chip Wrecked Fries

Chip Wrecked

Chunky rib, onion rings, fresh jalapeño, Prego sauce & cheese sauce

Brocka Cheesy Loaded Fries

Cheesy Loaded (V)

Fries loaded with cheese sauce - add jalapeños R10

Brocka Fries

Hand Cut Fries (V)

Bbq spiced

Bananas in Pyjamas

French toasted panini, caramelised banana, macon & maple syrup

Benedict Salmon

Poached eggs with smoked salmon, avo (seasonal) & spring onion, coated with hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin

Benedict Patty

Poached eggs with beef patty & corn salsa, coated with hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin

Benedict Californian (V)

Poached eggs with avo (seasonal) & grilled tomato, coated with hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin

Brocka Chilli Omelette

Mexican chilli beans, cream cheese, spring onion, toast

Macon It Easy

Shweet, go eashy! - eggs, macon, grilled tomato with toast

Brocka BaeRito Breakfast


Salsa Hayek hotness! - crumbed tortilla filled with sausage, scrambled egg, mushrooms, mayo & cheese (have it hot or not)


Like Jacko Wacko - taco filled with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cream cheese, tomato & macon


2 eggs, beef steak, chilli baked beans, fries, toast


2 eggs, beef patty, relish, fries, toast

Brocka Omelette

Sauteed onion, sausage, mushrooms, garlic, cheese with toast

Brocka Farmhouse Breakfast


Plaas van kry klaar - Eggs, sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato, chilli beans & fries with toast

Big Chief

Be dat Ou! - Eggs, sausage, macon, mushrooms, grilled tomato, chilli beans & fries with toast.

Brocka Prawn Salad

Tasty Thai Prawn

Thai this! - sriracha crumbed prawns, avo, garden greens, tomato, cucumber, coriander, crushed nuts, red onion & honey soy dressing

Brocka Pita Dough Salad

Dat Pita Dough

Even dough I'm not hungry! - grilled chicken, mushroom, tomato, humus, lettuce & garlic mayo

Brocka Kwaai Slaai Salad

Kwaai Slaai

Keep you kwaai yes! - garden greens, grilled chicken, macon, tomato wedges, avo, boiled egg & garlic mayo

B Bomb

Ground steak loaded on a mini sub with chilli relish and baked cheese

Corn Hub

Flame grilled cob rolled in a Dorito parmesan crumb, served with butter

Hot Goblins

3 shisampama crumbed jalapeños stuffed with cottage cheese

Brocka Nachos Starters

Nacho Business (V)

Corn chips, salsa, BBQ sauce, cheese sauce (jalapeño salsa)

Crumbed Winglets

6 Prego tossed winglets

Brocka Poppers Starters

Tsilly Poppers (V)

6 spicy poppers


Banana, caramel sauce, toasted almonds & wafer

Afro G

Coffee, honey, toasted almonds & wafer

Brocka black pink milkshake

Black Pink

Strawberry cheesecake, chocolate sauce, toasted coconut & wafer

Brocka Gold digger milkshake

Gold Digger

Caramel popcorn, wafer, flake & caramel sauce

Brocka Candy Land milkshake

Candy Land

Bubblegum, flake, sprinkles, jelly beans, sour worms & wafer

Brocka Choc Cookie milkshake

Black Mamba

Chocolate cookie, Astros, marshmallows & crushed monkey nuts

Brocka Tacos - Cheeki Taco

Cheeki Taco

You're chicky! - but I love that 🙂 - grilled chicken, lettuce, masala sauce & avo

Brocka Tacos - Posh Prawn

Posh Prawn

You know what you want - you're no "posh" over  - sriracha grilled prawns, lettuce, avo salsa, jalapenos & tariki sauce

Brocka Tacos - Rad Rib

Rad Rib

Raddy or not, here I come! - chunky rib meat, lettuce, onion rings & Smokey BBQ sauce

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