Step 1

How It works

We are rewarding you for your continued support. We are giving you 5% “cash back” on the total of your bill, which will be electronically credited to your card in the form of reward. You can accumulate your balance over a period of time or use your reward cash back as they become available to spend immediately. As an exclusive member of the Good Food Co Rewards Card, you agree to be notified of any promotions or specials which we may be offering.

Step 2

How to earn your reward

Present your Rewards Card to the waitron when paying your bill. Your waitron will swipe your card. You automatically receive 5% of the total bill credited to your card. Your reward points will be loaded immediately to your card. 

Step 3

How to redeem your 'cash back'

No minimum balance is required before you can use the card. Redeem your entire available balance or part thereof whenever you wish. When paying your bill, hand your card to your waitron and the value you wish to redeem. 


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